Pierre Cardin flew to regions still invisible to us......
Genius creator, he lived among the stars, firmly anchored in the earth, nourished of his roots. His path was a hymn to life, to creation. Although his success was exceptional, he has often remained faithful, even very faithful and deeply human, with all that this entails. I loved him, admired his intelligence so vivid, loved his futuristic creations, his innovative designs, his enthusiasm made me vibrate, his simplicity moved me.

Pierre Cardin's perspective from the films and websites whose productions he entrusted to us.
70 years of exceptional career, creator, free entrepreneur, eclectic, patron. "creation is a passion that never left me". Directed by Régine Cardin.
Pierre Cardin's official website
Make a youth bath in its colorful universe, in perpetual motion, Creation: Anna Livia Cardin Gomart Graphic: Nathalie Lothier; Development: Dmytro Ivashchenko.
Virtual reality: Turn up, click, move, and fly at 360 degrees among the creator's multiple facets. The Academy of Fine Arts, for the first time in its history, organized a fashion show under the cupola,
in honor of Pierre Cardin, the only designer to be part of its members. Directed by Régine, Cardin Anna Livia Gomart Cardin.
Collection Pierre Cardin 2016/2017 that took place in his castle of the Marquis de Sade. Directed by Régine Cardin, Anna Livia Gomart Cardin.
Pierre Cardin and aliens, on Science Day/CNES. Directed by Régine Cardin, production at the Center for Space Studies.
A glimpse into the Pierre Cardin Museum, PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE exhibit, ENJOY!
Directed by Régine Cardin.
La Haute Couture invests the night for Maxim's de Paris by Pierre Cardin Directed by Régine Cardin Anna Livia Gomart Cardin.
The official website of Maxim's de Paris
From Art Nouveau to Table Art, Maxim's de Paris showcases its legendary restaurant, salty sweet shops,
Belle Epoque museum and fashion to light up the day and night.
Creation: Anna Livia Cardin Gomart Graphic Designer: Sophie Gournay Development: Dmytro Ivashchenko.
Men's fashion show in Brongniart Palace (former Paris Stock Exchange). Directed by Régine Cardin, Anna Livia Gomart Cardin,
Musics by Louis Edwards, Mehdi Wideman and Jérémie Naulet.
The Palais Bulles was the favorite residence of the fashion designer Pierre Cardin.
Creation: Régine Cardin Anna Livia Cardin Gomart.
Presentation for the first time of his fashion show in his mythical Palais Bulles! Directed by Fabrice Bracq.  
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